Show Me the Money: How to Hire the Best Salespeople for your Small Business

How to use pre-employment testing is to hire the best candidates for your salesforce.

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Types of Pre-Employment Tests

What’s the right type of test for new hires?

There are so many sales pre-employment tests, but they all fall into four general categories. Here are the characteristics and limitations of each.

1. Personality Tests

Personality testing determines personality type and stability. But these types of tests cannot accurately predict whether or not people can or will sell. It also brings up old beliefs that an outgoing personality, a real “people person” will be a good salesperson. After doing this for years, that is not a predictor of strong sales ability at all.

2. Benchmark Tests

These types of tests include an analysis of your best salesperson(s) and taking the characteristics of this person to gauge and hire others. In my opinion, it is the combination of unique individuals that make a team successful, so trying to mirror “one” is setting your team up for failure.

3. Sales Aptitude Tests

You can easily assess what people know about selling. But these types of tests won’t necessarily tell you whether or not someone will execute in a selling situation. There’s a huge gap between knowing and doing.

4. Internal Beliefs Tests

Measures strengths and hidden weaknesses that can more accurately predict whether or not someone will sell. Measures guts, goals, selling system effectiveness, willingness to prospect, and their willingness to do whatever it takes even if it’s uncomfortable.

If you want to know how someone will fit in your company’s culture or how to manage them, use a behavioral test. If you want to predict future sales performance, use an internal belief test.

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