Testing 1, 2, 3: How to Build Your Business and Brand Through Public Speaking

Here are four ways to successfully deliver your message to an engaged audience at your next event.

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3. Be confident and comfortable on stage.

Imagine boarding a long and daunting 18-hour international flight.

From the moment you step onto the plane, you noticed that the captain greets you without eye contact. While speaking he mumbles and shakes, while pulling at his clothes. Upon take-off, the plane experiences turbulence and the captain makes an in-flight announcement that does everything but instill confidence in his abilities.

Hypothetically speaking, if I was a passenger on this plane I would be very uncomfortable because the captain has failed (in my opinion) to demonstrate confidence, safety and comfort with his job to get me overseas safe and sound.

The same lesson can be applied to speaking in front of an audience. Event attendees are figuratively “boarding your plane.” A their captain, will you be confident and comfortable about your role, delivering your message and ensuring their experience is positive?

The best way to start is by practicing, developing belief in yourself, and doing what makes you feel comfortable in your skin.

As a presenter, and being positioned as an “expert”, your attendees will not be impressed with a shaky, awkward, and impersonal delivery. If you aren’t confident in your ability and message, how can your keep your audience’s attention? You can’t.

Realizing that your message could significantly impact someone’s life for the better is a good way to build immediate confidence.

4. Look the part.

When you attend a restaurant, or private dinner do you ever glance at the chef preparing the food. Imagine if the chef at your favorite establishment was unpresentable.  Subconsciously, you’d likely question and inspect the food being served.

Before you take the stage to speak, your image has already spoken on your behalf.

The question is what does your image say about you?

Does your body language, facial expression, and style of dress complement your image and positively reflect your speaking topic? Great content, presented by a polished speaker can work to improve audience engagement and receptivity.

Remember: “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel (Carl W. Buechner).”

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Agape Redwood is the Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Signature Media Group (SMG) Speakers, a full service speakers’ bureau based in Chicago. Agape is responsible for developing and implementing innovative marketing campaigns that effectively target corporations, event planners and charitable organizations that are looking for speakers.

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