Entrepreneur Croix Sather Challenges Small Business Owners to Dream Big

Four-time Ironman triathlete, entrepreneur, and author Croix Sather shares five tips on how to make it big in business and beyond.

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Croix Sather is not your ordinary guy, or entrepreneur.

From running 3,000 miles across America in 100 days to breaking records with his 146 mile run through Death Valley while pushing a 270 pound cart the avid runner, speaker, and author of Dream Big Act Big, has recently set his sights on eliminating the status quo in business.

Pictured Above: Author, Speaker, Run Across America Athlete Croix Sather

“Anyone has the potential for big success in business today,” says Sather a four-time Ironman triathlete.

When Croix isn’t training, traveling to inspire others, and spending quality time with his two children, he’s looking to help small business owners dream bigger.

“Our economy is driven by small business owners and entrepreneurs, and our culture is built on the belief that anyone can go out and achieve the America dream,” says Sather. “But that dream is at risk from a tsunami of advice to play it safe to achieve realistic goals.”

In an effort to encourage small business owners in today’s uncertain times, Croix Sather shares five tips on how to make it big in business and beyond.

1. Stop thinking small.

Big audacious dreams are endangered. They will disappear like the dinosaurs if we keep subscribing to the mainstream advice “to have a realistic goal.” We are even taught to have realistic achievable goals in business today. We are destined for mediocrity and losing our place as the land of opportunity if we continue to be “realistic.” To succeed big, you must dream big and then act big!

2. Make the leap.

You’ll never hear someone on their deathbed saying, “I wish I played it safe.”

Stop making excuses like “I’m not ready,” or “Maybe in five years.” The difference between a dream and reality is taking action. Stop believing those made up excuses that justify where you are and make the leap. Take bold, massive action and commit. Never stop!

3. Good is the enemy of great.

Much of corporate America has gone to the world of good enough. It’s now worse than status quo. Now it is about figuring out how to reduce product quality to save cost and minimize customer loss. As a small business owner, you have an extraordinary opportunity to stand out as a superstar and wow your clients.

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