Content Marketing: What Picture Books Can Teach You About Creating a Company Blog

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Everything I know about building a successful blog, I learned through experience and from reading blogs focused on the blogging industry, like Problogger. But truthfully, that kind of information doesn’t really click for most creative entrepreneurs. In fact, most of the time, they’re not even speaking your language.

I learned key lessons about creating a company blog from the pro’s. But I also noticed that I could just as easily gather some essential inspiration from the unlikeliest of places — my daughter’s bookshelf.

Children’s picture books are filled with beautiful illustrations, interesting stories and great literature. In my opinion, picture books are tiny complete works of art. Surprisingly enough, I like to think that company and personal blogs should communicate in the same way – the words, pictures, stories, comments, all should come together to form a unique piece of art.

When creating your company blog to increase sales, if you develop it with the same care, humor, and aesthetic eye as a picture book, you’ll be doing your business a world of good.

Here’s what a simple children’s picture book can teach every entrepreneur about creating a successful company blog:

1. Pictures are essential.

In a picture book, even one that is written well, pictures are more than half the story. Whether your blog is your business or you’re blogging to market your creative business, your pictures tell a unique story.

The best company blogs feature clear product pictures, well-staged and styled images, and personal photos that add personality. Your messages and content should complement, never compete with, the story being told through pictures.

2. Create concise and focused messages.

A 25-page picture book simply doesn’t have the space to ramble.

The story has a clear beginning, middle, and end. Do your company blog posts have a tendency to ramble? Is the focus of your company blog unclear?

Developing a clear and narrow content strategy may appear confining at first, but in the end it brings a sense of comfort and cohesiveness both to your team and your customers.

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