Content Marketing: What Picture Books Can Teach You About Creating a Company Blog

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3. Make a statement and repeat it.

When you’re flipping through a children’s picture book, the lesson to be learned is generally repeated often. Whether the lesson is an emotional or moral one, or simply a new word, it’s repeated often enough to promote recall.

From a business perspective, that sounds an awful lot like search engine optimization (SEO) — helping search engines find and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites on the Internet. Start by identifying a key topic and tone of your company blog. Then ensure that your content strategy incorporates the use of keywords in conversational way and repeat it often.

4. Share your unique story and perspective.

There are so many wonderful picture books for kids. And it’s one of the few parts of the children’s book industry that’s always hungry for new authors. Publishers are always seeking out new authors and illustrators that can brings a unique perspective to a story.

The same could be said of your customers. Potential clients could very well be interested in your company’s unique industry viewpoints and how you address their pain points and challenges. Give readers of your company blog insider access and tell your unique and compelling story.

Again, whether blogging is your business or a marketing vehicle for your business, your company blog should tell your unique story in an authentic voice. When you are focused on being your brand with purity and originality, no one can copy you. And your customers will want to engage your brand more and more.

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