Social Check-in: Four Free Ways to Leverage Location-based Social Networking

Here are four free ways brick-and-mortar businesses can leverage Foursquare's social, location-based service.

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2. Reward tips too.

Surprise and delight loyal customers that leave tips at your business. It could be a free cup of coffee or something as simple as a “thank you” for giving you a shout-out on Foursquare. Little things often go a long way towards engendering loyalty.

3. Reward the mayor.

The Foursquare mayor of your business is one of your most loyal customers. Be sure to offer your mayor special perks or rewards to encourage others to stop by regularly and compete for the title.

Throw a party for the person that’s checked-in to your establishment more than any other customer or just recognize them with a special sign or a reserved table. It’s an awesome way to reward loyalty while drawing in new prospects that will be inclined to enjoy your products and services, too.

4. Push out a local update to draw-in and reward nearby regulars and prospects.

The 80/20 rule of marketing is that 80% of profits come from 20% of your customers. Give nearby regulars and prospects a heads-up that you just pulled freshly baked muffins out of the oven with a local update.

It will geo-target customers that have previously interacted with your store on Foursquare. Not a baker? No problem. Any timely information serves as good content for local updates.

For more tips on how to leverage Foursquare this holiday season, visit Foursquare.com.

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