Develop the Right Business Mindset with These 4 Inspirational Resources

Here are four personal development resources to help you along your entrepreneurship journey.

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I am always looking for ways to improve myself and expand my knowledge base. One essential area I work on is my mindset.

As entrepreneurs too often we focus on business challenges such as raising startup capital, team management, or customer acquisition. While all of these issues need to be addressed, they don’t hold a candle to the internal challenges that small business owners face on a daily basis: stress, self-doubt, negativity, loss of focus, fear of failure, blaming others, etc.

But if you develop the right mindset and a positive attitude, there’s no outside force that can stop your journey to success.

Here are four personal development resources to help you along your entrepreneurship journey:

1. Inspirational YouTube videos.

I’m amazed at the sheer number of inspirational videos posted to YouTube on a daily basis. When I watch motivational videos they give me just the right dose of energy to get me through low moments.

Ask yourself, “How Bad Do You Want It?

Every time you want to quit, tell yourself “Just Do It! (Art Williams)”

When you feel like a challenge is too hard or you cannot do something, remember you’re a champion.

Here are a few more inspirational videos that are worth watching:

Rocky’s Inspirational Speech to Son
Arnold Schwarzeneger – Training the Mind & Body
Motivational Football Coach Teaches How to Overcome Limits
Powerful Inspirational True Story… Don’t Give Up!

2. Become familiar with Success Principles.

I initially listened to The Success Principles, by Jack Canfield on Audible.com.

The first 15 minutes, when Jack discussed taking 100 percent responsibility, literally changed my life. It had such an positive impact on me that I gifted the book to everyone in my company and purchased extras to give to people who visit our offices.

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