Develop the Right Business Mindset with These 4 Inspirational Resources

Here are four personal development resources to help you along your entrepreneurship journey.

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3. Develop a daily journal.

I take time each day to write my thoughts down — it’s been an integral component to my success.

I have used physical journals, email, and free online personal journal apps. Each has its benefits. The key for me is not to think, but to literally “brain dump” my thoughts for the day.

What did I accomplish? What are my challenges? How do I feel? It is amazing how fast one train of thought connects to another once you start chronicling your thoughts. Some of my best plans have come to mind through writing in my daily journal. It has enabled me to remain focused and energized.

It’s essentially “exercise” for your mind, which is necessary in business.

4. Listen to motivational speakers.

I purchased a Tony Robbins program as a gift for a friend because I knew he loved Tony.

He gave it to me when he was done and I couldn’t believe how it impacted my perspective. His 30-day program “Unleash the Power Within” is by far the most expensive option, but I believe it is worth it. There are a lot of free Tony Robbins videos on YouTube, but they pale in comparison to committing to the entire program. It is not just about what a motivational speakers says — it is the way they says it and the application “exercises” they give you to do.

When you start reading a lot of motivational books and listening to personal development experts, everything sounds the same after a while. That is good because repetition is the key to turning an idea or concept into a habit.

Use these resources as a starting point. Develop ways to keep the right mindset as you grow your business. Personal and professional development is an ongoing process — one that you should continue for the rest of your life.

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David Schnurman is a passionate entrepreneur whose primary focus is creating a collaborative environment where individuals can actively learn and share their knowledge. He is the founder of two e-learning companies: Lawline.com, and TrueNYC.com, an online website that features video interviews and advice from entrepreneurs.

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