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When it comes to business signs,  it’s important to make a good first impression.

Business signage can be one of the most effective marketing tools for small businesses.

So how can you maximize the potential of your business sign?

It is important to think of business signage as an extension of your public relations efforts – only it is PR working for you twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week. This means it is vital that your business sign does a good job.

Here are 4 key ways to get the most out of your business signage:

1. Beyond Signs

It’s worth remembering that there is more to signage than simply signs.

When you’re designing signage for your business, it is easy to overlook the smaller details that make up signage. Uniforms, company pens, and mailing labels are all an extension of signage and therefore an extension of your brand image. With this in mind, a conscious effort can be made to ensure that there is brand harmony across every aspect of your collateral and marketing assets.

Pay close attention to the details and keep them consistent. This will illustrate and communicate credibility and authority. Branding details are also where signage can work as PR to move beyond your physical premises and reinforce your brand. If a group of letters or design can immediately be identified with your brand, it is less likely to be easily forgotten.

2. Less is More

This old adage stands true – more now than ever. Don’t try and cram too much information on your business sign. A potential customer should be able to immediately identify what your business offers and, if applicable, how they can move forward with a purchase (i.e. contact information depending on the type of outdoor business sign and its purpose).

A minimal design will appear more professional. Graphics are helpful to make your brand memorable, but they shouldn’t overshadow the real details.

3. Colors

The colors on your business signage are also an important consideration.

First, your company’s business sign should be easy to read. Therefore, text must clearly stand out from the background. Black on white or white on black are the classic examples. The text stands out sharply from the background and visibility is enhanced. Conversely, two shades of the same color may aggravate potential customers as they try to decipher your information.

Second, the colors you choose for your business sign should be in line with the nature of your business. Different colors have different connotations. For example, the color green generally signifies nature or Eco-friendliness. Though it may seem obvious, the choice of business signage colors should not be underestimated as a powerful tool.

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