Outsourcing: 5 Business Activities Entrepreneurs Can Outsource to Increase Productivity

Rather than waste your precious time getting bogged down in the daily business details let an expert manage them – far more efficiently.

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2. Social media, company blogs and online presence management.

We conduct business in a Social Era, where Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and other similarly popular social networking sites expand your company’s customer reach. It is simply phenomenal.

However, maintaining a meaningful presence on social media networks requires work – regular updates, follow-ups, replying to comments etc. All of these activities are time-consuming and often calls for someone with a flair for creative writing.

The same principal applies for maintaining your company blog. If you don’t have a content strategy and plan, or your writing is not engaging and well-displayed, your efforts will not create a buzz. Even if you do consider yourself a ‘wordsmith’ content development work gobbles up time that is better utilized prioritizing your energy and resources towards your core competencies. A tired mind cannot be a creative mind.

3. Sales and marketing activities.

If sales and marketing is beyond your area of expertise hire professionals. Concentrate on building your business and partner with companies that can help you accelerate sales and gain speed-to-market benefits from leveraging their internal specialized skill and proven tools.

4. Accounting, business taxes and small business payroll.

The bain of many small business owner’s existence is managing all of the financial aspects of their company’s — it can be extremely challenging. Bookkeeping, in particular, is one of the most daunting tasks you can undertake and is best left to someone who has proficiency in that field.

5. Small business web design and development.

You may have a great web design idea churning in your mind and you just know it will be a big hit with your customers, but translating that vision into reality calls for someone who has mastery over things like coding, web development, graphic design, etc. If you consider yourself a rookie in this area, yo may want to consult with and hire an expert.

The rule of thumb here is simple – consider any task outside your level of expertise, something you can do but find too cumbersome, or business tasks that aren’t getting done but are desperately needed, a good candidate for outsourcing. Leave it to the experts and breathe freely again.

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Daya Mukherjee is a Senior Content Writer and Editor for a remote staffing outsourcing company in India, an alternative to local hires and offshore outsourcing. Learn more at our IT outsourcing services blog.

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