Outsourcing: 5 Business Activities Entrepreneurs Can Outsource to Increase Productivity

Rather than waste your precious time getting bogged down in the daily business details let an expert manage them – far more efficiently.

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Have you identified your company’s weaknesses and strengths?

Once you’ve identified what you’re good at and areas that you lack specific skill sets, you are one step closer to deciding who you need to hire (in terms of talent) and what business activities you need to outsource.

The crux of the matter is knowing where your company is “weak.” It is also one of the largest deciding factors between outsourcing success or failure. What types of business tasks you outsource is just as important as to whom you outsource.

For example, let’s say that you are a small business owner who runs a software development company with a client base that is slowly expanding. While you are an expert in your field of work, essential but tedious tasks including accounting and payroll, customer feedback, and creating an active presence on various social media platforms are not really your ‘cup of tea’.

The question you’ve likely been considering is: “Should we outsource some of our necessary yet tedious business activities.”

My answer is simple: Yes, you should.

Rather than waste your precious time getting bogged down in the daily business details let an expert manage them – far more efficiently.

The Truth About Outsourcing Small Business Tasks

Often, outsourcing skeptics would prefer to wear all hats at once rather than entrust a stranger with their work.

But, take a look around.

Many business owners can share their outsourcing experiences — good and bad. Keep in mind, not all outsourcing experiences are bad. More and more small businesses across various industries consider outsourcing to reduce costs, gain access to limited resources, free up internal resources, improve business or customer focus, accelerate projects, reduce time to market and much more.

The global outsourcing market size continues to grow. For example, in 2005 the revenue of the global outsourcing market was 76.3 billion U.S. dollars. Last year, the market size of outsourced services was approximated at 95 billion.

Outsourcing - Global market size 2011
Find more statistics at Statista.

So, as a small business owner what types of business activities should you outsource? Here are 5 commonly outsourced job functions that small businesses outsource:

1. Video production and editing.

Not considering your family vacation videos, what true expertise do you have in creating professional videos, which can be used as marketing and sales assets for potential clients and customers? This is an example of a common business task that should be outsourced to an experienced professional who can really add value to your company website and marketing efforts.

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