How To Dig Yourself Out Of Daily Business Details

Admin tasks are essential, but as your business grows it's not something you should handle indefinitely and here's why.

Entrepreneurship at times can leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Many small business owners make one common mistake — they try to do everything themselves. I presume most spend 70% of their time on the daily business operations.

In order to move your business forward, increase fulfillment and freedom, there are two main tactical areas that you delegate immediately — administrative and technical tasks.

After spending eight years in Corporate America as an administrative assistant, prior to starting my own business, I understood this concept very well.

Administrative operations are the nuts and bolts of your business — they keep your business running. From answering the phones, sending and checking emails, mailing important documents to on-boarding new customers or clients.

Admin tasks are essential, but as your business grows it’s not something you should handle indefinitely.


Delegate Administrative and Technical Tasks

I run a home-based business with many virtual aspects, so it’s extremely important that I have the right support. Or else I run the risk of wasting time on tasks that don’t directly produce revenue.

There are several administrative tasks that can be delegated to a virtual assistant, intern or administration services company: research, business phone redirect for an assistant to answer calls, email filtering, business operations manual developments to create simple systems as you grow your team, sending information and answering FAQ’s from customers.

The second most important administrative role to delegate as soon as possible includes technical tasks. Find experts to manage your back-end systems, website, email marketing, e-commerce shopping cart, help desk setup, etc.

How many times have you had to sit and read manual or stay on hold to get systems set up correctly? Could that time have been spent more effectively on income producing tasks? Most likely, the answer is, “Absolutely.”


Build Systems for a Sustainable Business Future

You have to put the correct foundations in place to keep your business profitable. Simple delegation steps and partnering with the right people can keep you from doing repetitive work and spending time on tasks you don’t enjoy.

Running a small business should be fulfilling — and it can be. But you have to know when its time to let go.

I challenge you to carefully look at your business today and find a way to funnel 5-10 hours a month back to your life and into productive areas you truly enjoy in business.

Where can you add a new system in your business to increase efficiency? Where can you hire on a new support team member to manage the details?

The truth is, when you’re doing everything yourself in business you set yourself up to hit a plateau that will either impact your earning potential or time.

Reclaim your role as the CEO for your business and life by removing yourself from the daily grind of admin tasks required to run your business — leave it to the experts.


Jennifer Gaddis is the Founder of Ignite Your Freedom Training and creator of the The Heels & Jeans Project, a website that provides free weekly life and business advice. Jennifer reaches women around the world, helping them get their time back for themselves and their families, while building a highly sustainable, meaningful business that runs almost on autopilot.


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