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ApplyKart Founder Bharati Babbar Builds Gen Z Networking App for Job Seekers

Melbourne-based entrepreneur, and first-generation migrant from India, Bharati Babbar launches new networking app for Gen Z job seekers.

Throughout Bharati Babbar’s childhood, her father worked in sales, and as a result, she frequently changed schools. This period of constant change during her youth became a testing ground for her adaptability. She faced challenges and experiences that not only strengthened her ability to navigate change but also played a pivotal role in shaping her pathway to future success.

Bharati’s professional journey commenced at 21 when she co-founded a small restaurant in India. Over time, she progressed to her former role as a Marketing Manager in the western region of Citibank (India). Her decision to relocate to Australia eight years ago made it difficult to find employment opportunities, despite an impressive career history. Her job-seeking struggle became the catalyst for ApplyKart, a networking app for Generation Z – Gen Z – job seekers.

Motivated by her challenges as a first-generation migrant from India, navigating the job market in a new country, Bharati established a platform to simplify and enhance the job-seeking experience. ApplyKart, inspired by Bharati’s journey, is designed to assist individuals facing similar challenges in the employment landscape. I want “to help others in a similar position, especially Gen Z, ” Bharati explains.


A Career Networking App for Gen Z Digital Natives

Born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s, Gen Z accounts for approximately 2 billion of the world’s population. By 2025, Gen Z will account for 27 percent of the global workforce. This could compound the changes to work as we know it, as employers seek to attract and retain new talent.

Gen Z grew up amid the global financial crisis. Known for their pragmatism and realism, they have a keen awareness of broader social issues. This awareness makes members of Gen Z seek out employers that align with their values and demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility. This can contribute to the challenges faced when Gen Z employees seek out “the perfect job.”

ApplyKart streamlines the job search process and creates a supportive environment for both employers and Gen Z job seekers in a competitive job market.

Recognizing this widespread concern, Bharati aimed to create a digital platform that not only helps the Gen Z community find suitable employment but also encourages them to share their experiences. ApplyKart is a natural platform for Gen Z digital integrators. “They have integrated technology seamlessly into their lives. Having used it from the youngest age, it is almost like the air they breathe, permeating all areas of their lifestyle and relationships,” according to McCrindle Research.

Gen Z are digital natives who have never known a world without the internet. Moreover, 40 percent of Gen Z in the U.S. spent more than four hours on social media platforms daily. As a result, they search for opportunities differently than their older counterparts.


ApplyKart Offers a Helping Hand and a Leg Up

ApplyKart’s digital platform is designed to assist individuals entering the employment market for the first time by offering a helping hand and a “leg up.” The app is positioned as a networking resource to boost the work prospects of digital natives. It is also tailored to address the unique needs and challenges they face.

The networking app offers a range of services to enhance a job candidate’s employability, from up-skilling to resumes and cover letter assistance and more. Access to a diverse database of job opportunities facilitates a direct connection between candidates and suitable employers.

Ultimately, ApplyKart aims to become a one-stop shop for job seekers and businesses experiencing labor shortages. By offering a wide range of services, ApplyKart seeks to streamline the job search process and create a supportive environment for both employers and job seekers in a competitive job market landscape.


ApplyKart Succeeds with Social Media

Bharati regularly hosts podcasts featuring experts, motivational content, and recruiter interviews to shed light on the hiring process and current visa policies that impact international students and migrants.

On social media, ApplyKart leverages educational and entertaining content. As a result, the app has become a popular hub for students and job seekers.

Additionally, she helps individuals grappling with interview questions by sharing example videos on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram ­– an effort that has garnered substantial attention, 10 million views and counting. ApplyKart’s social media presence has quickly established the app as more than a job-seeking platform. It is a valuable resource for guidance and support throughout the employment journey.

Prioritizing a social media connection has proven to increase engagement and excitement for Gen Z job seekers.

What’s next for the Melbourne-based entrepreneur?

ApplyKart’s foremost mission is to empower job searchers worldwide. The app is rapidly building an international footprint through building relationships and simplifying the job-seeking journey in vibrant and influential job marketplaces. The next priority is market expansion, with a focus on India and the United States, two major job marketplaces for Gen Z and students.


Hieu Van Tran is a Social Media manager for Applykart.


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