Webimax CEO Shares 3 Ways to Create an Extraordinary Marketing Strategy

Here are three core marketing strategy components which are deemed integral for long-term achievement in even the most competitive markets.

Your business and its potential for growth are only truly limited by your brand’s ability to remain marketable and relevant to your audience. It is essential for small business owners to understand the inherent value of marketing not only their products or services, but their entire brand as well.

The very infrastructure of virtually every profitable company is largely dependent upon a strong marketing strategy. Increasing consumer awareness and gaining greater visibility are primary concerns for all entrepreneurs, however developing and implementing a viable promotional plan is a common challenge for startups.

Despite the apparent intricacies of constructing the framework of a successful marketing plan, here are three core components which are deemed integral for long-term achievement in even the most competitive markets.

1. Evaluation

The genesis of all marketing campaigns is the evaluation process. It is not only important to initially determine your brand’s personality, but to ensure that it will captivate your target audience.

After a solid brand personality has been established, it is necessary to evaluate the marketplace and competition. Within the particularly competitive online landscape, factors such as descriptive keywords, website content and multimedia — even your company’s website design and HTML code can set your company apart from the competition and provide several significant advantages to your brand’s online identity.

2. Enhancement

An equally important part of marketing is an enhancement strategy.

Once you’ve determined your brand’s personality and analyzed its position in the marketplace, it is important to enhance your business’ identity in order to optimize revenues. Developing promotional content such as videos, digital ads and on-site content such as company blog posts are all great starting points.

To supplement these efforts, the utilization of press releases and other integrated public relations techniques are useful in raising overall brand awareness and achieving a positive reputation with media outlets and consumers.

3. Evolution

Every marketing campaign must be flexible and adaptable in order to be viable on a long-term basis. Ultimately, the success or failure of any marketing initiatives depends on the plan’s ability to evolve to changing trends and consumer interest.


Each of these principles should be carefully considered when developing or re-designing your brand’s marketing strategy. While there are various complexities and innumerable challenges within the realm of marketing, adhering to this formula will help to create a solid blueprint for your company’s success.

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Photo: Kenneth Wisnefski

Kenneth Wisnefski is a serial Web entrepreneur with over ten years of experience in digital marketing. As Founder & CEO of WebiMax, Mr. Wisnefski helps businesses achieve greater online visibility and revenues by utilizing proven strategies such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, paid search advertising, web design, content and multimedia development and public relations.





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