Tired of Dreaming Small? Here’s How to Forge your Own Path in Business

Here's how to innovate in the way you build your business, serve clients, and grow your brand influence.

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Recently a friend–and client of 2.5 years, Rebecca Bass-Ching–said to me, “I’m tired of dreaming small.”

Now, Rebecca doesn’t suffer from a prognosis of dreaming small dreams. In fact, she is an accomplished marriage and family therapist with an integrative, evidence-based practice in San Diego, CA. Her practice includes other therapists, a dietician, massage therapist, and a yoga instructor. She is also increasing her staffing plans and is on the hunt for more practitioners, as well.

Her business, Potentia Therapy is actually a pretty big dream. So her statement took me aback at first. Then, I thought about it a little more.

What I think Rebecca was really talking about was the quest for something not yet envisioned — innovation.

She wants to innovate in the way she builds her business, in the way she serves her clients, and in the way she grows her brand influence. She is tired of following success formulas. She’s ready to forge her own path.

How to Forge your Own Path in Business

Most small businesses start by dreaming small.

It’s the small dreams that encourage and guide us to greater endeavors. More often than not, (especially in the blogosphere) one person’s success leads to a litany of others who try to replicate it. But it also happens in Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and main street.

However, at some point most of realize that dreaming small is not going to cut it. We wake up to the fact that things aren’t as they seem and either quit or look towards our own paths.

Of course, the difficulty in forging your own path is that you have to clear all the mental brush that stands in the way of moving in the direction of something that is not yet known.

In business, that means that you are not following the map of someone else’s success from tactic to tactic, but instead you are measuring every next step against the needs and desires of your customers.

Where before there was this-is-how-it’s-done imitation of others’ success, there can now be all manner of products, business models, and solutions that allow you to achieve your big dreams.

Your big dreams may take the form of an app, foundation, event, licensing, facilitation… or an as of yet unimagined kind of product.

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