Founder State of Mind: 10 Steps to Business Fulfillment

If you are on a quest for business fulfillment--a cure for entrepreneurial insanity--here are ten steps to help you get started.

6. Create life and business artistic whiteboard moments.

A mind full of ideas needs a giant empty whiteboard and a free-flowing marker. Forget what you know. Focus on what is possible. Reverse engineer your mind and take the perspective of an artist. “The artist is, in a sense, a neuroscientist, exploring the potentials and capacities of the brain, though with different tools,” according to Semir Zeki, a neurobiologist at University College London and director of the Institute of Neuroesthetics.” In a similar way, how can you explore your business with different tools than you have used before?


7. Take responsibility for your own fulfillment.

It is easy to fall into the quagmire of placing blame on your team or others in general. Instead, take personal responsibility. At some point we have all thought, “If only I had a better talent pool to choose from,” or “If only I had a better support system I would be further along in business…” However, consider the fact that you have precisely what you need to work with and you are in control of your social and professional network.  No one on this earth made you so they do not have the power to break you.


8. Accept and embrace massive change.

To become more fulfilled in business you have to embrace the idea of change–which can be uncomfortable at first. If you are already 100 percent fulfilled in business that is great too, but restlessness can easily creep in to your daily business operations. Change is inevitable, so instead of fighting it try embracing it (for a change).


9. Conduct your business in harmony.

Stop to smell the roses, your coffee or the city streets. Whatever it takes — pay closer attention to your business. There is transformative power in simply being more aware by leading, interpreting and learning. You are the composer of a harmonious company. Much like an orchestra conductor, “Most of what a conductor does is not done in front of the general public,” says Leonard Slatkin, an American conductor and composer. “By the time you get to the actual concert, you’ve worked out pretty much what you want to do. It’s really a matter of getting 100 musicians to think like one person.”


10. Do what you love.

I remember hearing this while sitting in a college lecture as a youngish twenty-something. It sounded cliche at the time — but it is completely true. You will not truly understand (or appreciate) this life and business principle until you spend time doing something that you do not love. If your business is not connected to your life’s purpose then you will continue to feel unfulfilled. If fulfillment eludes you, monetize your passion and enjoy the journey.

Business fulfillment is within your grasp, but sometimes it seems just out of reach. Positive change (fueled by purposeful action) is the first step in finding more of it.


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