10 Must-Read Branding Articles for Startups, Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Here are ten must-read branding articles that no small business should be without.

Are you looking for the best branding advice for your small business? If so, look no further. We have covered the basics from transformative branding tips, to brand management and personal branding expert advice; these ten branding articles aim to please.

1. Brand Basics: Four Simple Branding Tips to Transform your Business

Branding is the most important step a small business can take in its journey to become a recognized and widely respected company. It is the process whereby a business forms an identity and carves out a place for itself in its industry…So to make things a bit easier here’s a crash course in branding basics. With these tips in mind, the task of transforming your startup into a household name should become a bit easier. Read more

2. Business Branding: Why You Can’t Ignore the Value of Being “Cool”

“Cool” is a valuable brand asset that no small business can afford to ignore. Simply put, you’ll need a perception of cool on your side if you’re going to engage in the freedom to innovate, the ability to charge a higher price point for your services and a reputation that others will vouch for and reinforce. Cool is not something that only a select few businesses are born with, it can be created or uncovered…You just need to get in touch with it. Read more

3. Expert Reveal: 12 Personal Branding Tips for Small Business Owners

A brave new world exists where Google search results impact your bottom line, social media is the great unequalizer, and unprecedented consumer access marks the era of a growing divide — the brand haves and brand have-nots. There’s a good chance that if you’re not controlling your personal brand someone else is. Thankfully, every small business owner can become the master of their unique image. Here are 12 tips from four personal branding experts to help you grow your personal brand. Read more

4. Five Effective Online Brand Management Tactics for Entrepreneurs

Digital communication–the electronic transmission of information–has grown to be an essential medium in our hyper-connected world. So much so that your business and brand reputation often depends on the story you tell and what others say about it online…If you are looking to develop a stronger online brand, there are few key tactics that can help you become more effective in your digital communications, change perceptions and build a stronger brand. Here are five effective ways to manage and improve your online brand. Read more

5. Be Unforgettable: How Small Businesses Can Develop an Effective Brand Strategy

As you consider developing your company’s brand, start by setting business goals…Once you’ve identified those goals it’s time to uncover what type of brand will resonate with your target audience. Research is essential to successful brand development. The most important research component is identifying your customers and what they want. During the process, keep these universal branding elements in mind… Read more


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