10 Best Small Business Legal Advice Articles for Entrepreneurs

Here are ten small business articles--containing legal tips--every entrepreneur should read.

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Every entrepreneur should take time regularly to ensure they are equipped with the legal information needed to stay compliant with various laws and basic legal regulations. From simple ways to avoid social media liability to dealing with bad business breakups, unpaid interns and strategic alliances; here are ten small business articles–containing legal tips–every entrepreneur should read:

1. Three Legal Tips to Help Entrepreneurs Avoid Social Media Liability

As the popularity of social media being used as a business tool rises, so does the risk of legal implications. Though many attorneys see social media as too much of a liability and advise their clients to avoid it, social media has proven that its benefits far outweigh its risks.

Here are three tips to help entrepreneurs avoid social media legal mishaps. Read more

 2. Is Your Website Legal?

There are certain requirements and guidelines regarding websites one must follow in order to comply with federal and state laws. We may see reading privacy policies and terms of use agreements as boring or unnecessary, but their presence on websites, especially those that collect any type of information from its visitors, are essential to avoid any lawsuits or legal trouble. Is your website in compliance? Read more

3. This Means War: 24 Small Business Attorneys Share How to Deal With a Business Breakup

Business breakups, much like relationship breakups, can be hard on both parties, causing stress, bitter feelings, and an unclear horizon for the future of your business. While the cliché “nothing lasts forever” may bring some comfort to those dealing with a partnership bust, it makes the breakup no easier to navigate.

Here are some tips from twenty-four of the nation’s top small business attorneys to help prepare, manage, and cope with a business breakup. Read more

4. 10 Intellectual Property Tips Entrepreneurs Can’t Afford to Ignore

Intellectual property, or IP, is a very important legal consideration for startups. It covers a wide array of legal ownership claims, including copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights and trade secrets.

Protect all your creations with these ten key tips and avoid possible infringement and expensive legal fees down the road. Read more

5. Law and Startup Order: Protect Your Small Business With These 5 Insurance Coverage Options

According to LegalEthicsandReform.com, Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s Mad Money and co-founder and chairman of TheStreet.com “regularly mentions that civil litigation in America costs the economy 2% of GNP (Gross National Product) each year. In other words, the sum of goods and services in America is reduced by 2% because of the economic confusion, distractions, delays, and dislocations caused by the American method of handling civil litigation.”

There are several ways and reasons your business could be sued, but here’s five small business insurance coverage options that could help protect your company and employees. Read more

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