10 Best Small Business Legal Advice Articles for Entrepreneurs

Here are ten small business articles--containing legal tips--every entrepreneur should read.

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6. Partnership Agreements: Six Things Co-Founders Should Consider Prior to Partnering

Some of the most successful businesses exist today through partnerships. A partnership is a strategic move if all parties contribute beneficial resources and share a common vision. But as with anything, there are risks involved when establishing a partnership arrangement that, in the unfortunate event that things get nasty, could bring down everything you’ve worked hard for while establishing your business. Creating an iron-clad partnership agreement will reduce the risk of the worst possible scenario coming to pass and ensure that both parties are protected. Read more

7. Employee Poaching: Five Essentials For Non-Complete Agreements

Employees are vital and essential to the growth and development of businesses. They could also be your worst nightmare, if a former employee of your business is hired by your competitor. For this reason, businesses need to protect themselves by creating well-crafted documents that will prevent this. A great way to prevent employee poaching is through the careful use of non-complete agreements. Read more

8. An Entrepreneur’s Cheat Sheet of 10 Useful Business Reminders

Entrepreneurship is a constant learning experience. As the world changes and develops and new challenges surface everyday, entrepreneurs must adjust and figure out what works and what doesn’t for their business. While you may find yourself getting lost in everything you may be involved in, it is important to remind yourself of the basics to keep you sharp and ready to face challenges head on. Like riding a bike, there are some things in business you should never forget. Read more

9. Strategic Alliances: How to Win in Business With Powerful Partnerships

Business partnerships often fail because people rush into them without thinking them through. Enticed by the trend of partnering up with someone else, people fail to focus on whether or not their own business goals will be met or if the work to create and sustain a business alliance will outweigh the benefits. Don’t think of an alliance as a “necessity”; rather, a possible way to improve your business and accomplish your business goals. Read more

10. Do You Have Unpaid Interns? You Might be Breaking the Law

It is not uncommon for startups to hire interns to help grow their businesses… Hiring interns (paid and unpaid) is a method that is particularly popular among young entrepreneurs that are bootstrapping their businesses. I understand this strategy. Who wouldn’t want free and highly motivated labor, right? Plus, the intern often benefits by getting work experience and making worthwhile connections. Unfortunately, if you have an unpaid intern you could be breaking the law. Read more

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