How to Determine What Customers Want and Give It to Them

Learn how to start asking both your prospects and existing customers what they need with these five questions.

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How to Ask Customers What They Need

While it may sound harsh, it is absolutely true for many small businesses.

It does you no good to work harder doing everything … instead of focusing on the one thing that your customers actually need. Ask yourself: Wouldn’t it be easier for you to work smarter, not harder, if you knew with absolute certainty what that number one thing is?

How can you take this lesson from my client and apply it to your small business right now?

How could you go about figuring out what that one thing is?

Get started by doing something radical today — start asking both your prospects and existing customers what they need. You need to find out:

1. What is the biggest challenge your prospects are facing in their business?

2. When your customer thinks of the product or service you provide, what is the most painful or difficult issue associated with acquiring it?

3. What is the most important criteria to your customer when evaluating a company like yours?

4. What are some things that your customer thinks about or considers from a financial perspective when selecting a product or service like yours?

5. What is the key strategic driver for you customer’s purchase decision?

It doesn’t really matter what you have done up to this point or how hard you are working in your business. There is no prize for volume or quantity. What counts is quality and relevance. You need to do determine what your customers want …. and give it to them.

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