Top 10 Public Relations Articles for Startups and Small Businesses

Checkout ten public relations-related articles desigend to help you navigate everything from publicity to press releases, pitching media outlets and more.

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6. 5 PR Tips to Make Your Business Newsworthy

When it comes to the news, the equation is simple: newsworthy news makes the news. If you want to appear in local, regional, or even national news, you must offer news about your company that’s actually worth covering. Generating interest in the general public is a key way to garner attention from media outlets. Understanding what journalists look for when pitching stories about your business will help improve your chances of being covered by them.


7. DIY Public Relations: Press Release 101

While PR professionals and agencies offer experience, connections, and save you trouble, DIY PR can be a valuable tool to new companies  and brands who may not have the budget quite yet to outsource this critical aspect of an effective communications brand. The various tools available to enhance and execute an effective communications strategy are simple, yet essential, ways to increase brand awareness, tap into your target market, and ultimately increase your bottom line.


8. So You Think You Want PR?

Before signing on with a PR agency, there are several questions you must ask yourself. Can you handle it? Are you able to afford it? Are you able to invest a sufficient amount of time in it? PR Agencies are a great asset to businesses when utilized correctly. However, it is imperative that business owners evaluate themselves and their business to make sure they are making the best decision.


9. How to Evaluate and Hire a PR Team For Your Small Business

If you’re considering outsourcing your public relations activities, you have more options than you probably think. There are several types of PR–in-house, freelancer, boutique, firms–that all bring different and unique pros and cons to the table. The type of PR you choose is highly dependent on the specific need of your business.


10. DIY PR: Pitching 101

A great way to reach your target media  audience and yield maximum results is one-on-one pitching. Though it is very time intensive and requires thought, creativity and research, pitching can help you break through to media outlets that count. Your pitch acts as an intro to your release and other information you are submitting. Knowing your goal, being straight to the point, and making your business or product stand out in your pitch will increase the chances that an editor will consider covering your business.

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