Nine Ways to Overcome Uncomfortable Learning Stages in Business

Move from novice to pro with nine tips on how to overcome uncomfortable learning stages in business.

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6. Accept and embrace uncomfortable lessons.

“The key is to accept it and embrace it and know that there is a payoff at the end that will benefit you.  The reason entrepreneurs create value is that they go through a series of uncomfortable situations and do the things that others are not willing to do. If it was easy, it’s probably not that important in the first place.”

– Nellie Akalp, CEO of CorpNet.com: @CorpNetNellie

7. Get a mentor in a different industry.

“My company has been in business for almost five years, and I’ve leaned heavily on a couple of business mentors to help me navigate through the changes that come from different stages of growth. Some of the most useful advice I’ve received has come from a mentor in a different industry. He tackles problems completely differently than me, and his perspective has helped me think about problem-solving in new ways.”

– Lix Kelly, CEO of Brilliant Ink: @lizkelly

8. Step back and get some perspective.

“There are going to be streaks where you feel like things are caving in around you.  You might feel as if you can’t score a point no matter how many shots you put up, in addition you might start to doubt yourself.  The reality is that everyone goes through those times and they are tough. It’s important to take a step back and get some perspective instead of just pounding ahead and hoping things change.  The buckets will start to fall in place again and you will appreciate them even more this time around.”

– Tyler Merrick, CEO and Founder of Project 7: @Project7

9. Recognize change

“Running a business is a constant, relentless education! Just when you feel like you’ve conquered one area there’s always something new to learn. I think you have to embrace that this is the nature of being an entrepreneur — if you aren’t expanding you’re contracting. Instead of waiting for things to settle down, embrace the flow of change!”

– Laura Roeder, Founder of LKR Social Media: @lkr

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