Five Essential Marketing Tips to Transform your Company’s Profitability

As you look to improve your company's marketing efforts, here are ten important things to remember.

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There are countless ways to market your small business. But not all of the marketing tools you utilize are created equal.

Long-term profits can only be made once you understand what marketing truly is at its core. Most importantly, developing a unique marketing framework for your business can help you benefit from the numerous tools available to reap consistent results.

As you look to improve your company’s marketing efforts, here are ten important things to remember:

1. Understand marketing at its core.

In order to build awareness for your products and services you have to keep talking to people and sharing the news with prospective customers. The problem is, a lot of entrepreneurs that are just getting started are reluctant to talk about their offering.

The false thought exists that people already know what you do, and they will find you if they require your products or services. It does not work that way. Your customers have to process a lot of information every day; it is easy for your message to get lost in noise of a cluttered marketplace.

To be a successful marketer you must understand that customers need to see or hear about your business more than once before they take action. Hence, your marketing challenge should not be “telling people what you do over and over again” (this is necessary). Instead you must finding creative ways to do it so people are happy to receive the information from you.

2. Test more and talk less.

The only way you will know if something works is if you stop talking about it and over thinking it. You must actually go out and test it. At the same time, you have to accept that you will spend money to achieve the right balance. While there are plenty of free ways to market your small business, test them and measure the results. You may find the need to balance these opportunities with investments in marketing that return even greater results.

3. Realize that marketing your small business requires a goal.

Social media, company blogs, content marketing, mobile marketing — they are all great tools. But don’t waste so much time on the tools that you forget to set a clear marketing goal. What do you desire from using certain marketing tools? What do you really want? Is it 20 new clients in second quarter, or 10,000 new email subscribers within the next 90 days? Whatever your goal is — quantify it and set a target date to work towards.

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