Five Essential Marketing Tips to Transform your Company’s Profitability

As you look to improve your company's marketing efforts, here are ten important things to remember.

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4. Understand that website visitors are not customers.

People who visit your company website to receive free information and leave comments about how brilliant your company blog is don’t pay the bills. People who come into your retail shop, look around and coo about how lovely your product selection is don’t pay your bills either. People who rave that they would like to go to your restaurant don’t pay your bills either.

People who spend money pay the bill. Learn the difference and don’t spend marketing dollars on thousands of visitors who want to look, instead market your business to the tens and hundreds that want to buy. Then create a system that converts these people into paying customers.

5. Remember that it is easier to sell what people already want.

Sure. Your product or service can potentially revolutionize someone’s life, business, home, automobile — we get it. But the problem is … the general public just doesn’t “get it!”

If this is a stumbling block remember that it is not about giving people what you think they need. Instead you must give people what they want. Your customer is not necessarily ready (or willing) to be an expert in your field; they don’t have the desire to know everything. They just want to know enough to solve their problem and ease the pain. 


To become a more effective marketer of your small business it is essential to become clear about what you are selling and who has the highest propensity to want what your business offers. Once you know this, you can develop a clear message that precisely targets the type of customers that will accept, identify and relate to your message so much so that they are compelled to buy.

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