Mobile Marketing Etiquette: How to Mind your (Mobile) Manners and Respect SMS Opt-ins

As the use of mobile marketing becoming more common, businesses are more prone to misusing the technology. Avoid being likened to a telemarketer by following simple mobile etiquette...

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For example, launch a mobile opt-in form that is easily accessible from your company website. Give customers deals and discounts for opting in to text message marketing. If you have a physical address customers frequently visit, make sure there is an oral consent opt-in or physical sign-up sheet available at point of sale.

Once you develop an audience, the next rule of thumb for mobile marketers to follow is this: keep mobile alerts to a minimum.

Keep in mind that some customers may have limited text messaging plans and most importantly, not everyone wants to hear from your company all of the time. Once every week or two weeks is a perfectly reasonable message frequency. In contrast, once every day or hour is excessive and irritating. Keep messages short, sweet, and to the point.

Only send SMS messages when necessary.

Remain Relevant and Create Value with Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Lastly, keep dialogue open between your company and recipient of mobile marketing messages in order to better target your product or service.

People are likely to cancel mobile marketing to their cell phones if they feel as though the product or service is irrelevant to their lifestyle.

Once again, the Johnson & Johnson campaign is a perfect example of how to apply this to real business situations. By sending deals that were specific to each stage of pregnancy, they improved their chances of retention.

Ensure your offering reflects the values of your target consumer and always be open to customer feedback. For example, some mobile marketing campaigns allow consumers to respond to texts and share opinions, comments, or criticism after the receipt of an offer. Not only is it beneficial to give the consumer a voice, you can utilize comments to help perfect your marketing messages and understand your customers true needs.


Today, mobile marketing is at an important crossroad. It can either become an effective marketing tactic or it could go down in history as another annoying ad campaign that nobody likes. It is up to all small businesses (including yours) to mold the reputation of mobile marketing by following proper regulations and extending common SMS courtesy.

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