Must-Read: 10 Inspiring Articles on Lessons Learned in Business

Checkout ten of our favorite lesson-oriented articles that every CEO should read.

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Starting and running a business is chock-full of lessons. From startup success to applicable business lessons from diverse industries, people and places entrepreneurs can find hidden gems of wisdom at every turn.

If you are ready to learn tried and true lessons and apply them to your small business, checkout ten of our favorite lesson-oriented articles that every CEO should read:

1. 5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From High-Performance Athletes

High-performance athletes and entrepreneurs possess some of the same qualities. Both have natural talent, dedication and drive. They both spark admiration and inspiration, forcing people to rethink what’s possible. The same activities and practices athletes utilize to become better can be easily applied to entrepreneurship. Read more

2. Five Product Launch Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Big Brands

Around May 2012, Clear hair care products were virtually unknown brand to U.S. consumers. But through strategic marketing including celebrity endorsements and launch initiatives across social networking and PR, Clear captured consumer attention, sparked conversation, and increased their consumer demand within the same month. Learn about what made Unilever’s product launch such a success and how you can do the same thing within your own company. Read more

3. 3 Lessons Small Businesses Can Learn From Corporate Giants

While small businesses have their benefits and advantages over corporate giants, there are some things that they could learn from them. Though the two are vastly different, there are several lesson that each could learn from each other. Living by process improvement and investing in technology are just a few lessons small businesses could learn from corporate giants. Read more

4. From Brand Crisis to Post-Scandal Comebacks: Three Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Lance Armstrong

The one thing people love more than a juicy scandal is an amazing comeback. Like the scandal Lance Armstrong has recently found himself in, most well-known brands will find themselves in hot water at some point, whether due to bad judgment or an event completely out of your control. Here are a few lessons every entreprenur can learn from Armstrong’s ordeal when faced with an epic brand fail. Read more

5. Three Lessons I’ve Learned as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a constant learning experience. Throughout your journey, you figure out what works for your business and what doesn’t, sometimes at a great cost. However, each challenge and lesson helps you become a better entrepreneur and helps your business grow and flourish. Elizabeth Grace Saunders, founder and CEO of Real Life E, shares some of the lessons that she as learned as an entrepreneur that helped her become successful. Read more

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