Must-Read: 10 Inspiring Articles on Lessons Learned in Business

Checkout ten of our favorite lesson-oriented articles that every CEO should read.

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6. The Art of Business War: 4 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu is a an ancient Chinese military general, strategist and philosopher. Though his resumé probably didn’t include “entrepreneur”, he developed several military strategies that could also be applied to small businesses. Many notable entrepreneurs and CEOs have utilized Tzu’s The Art of War, an influential Chinese military strategy book, within their corporations and businesses. Read more

7. 10 Financial Lessons You Will Learn Your First Year in Business

Your first year in business is usually one of the hardest years you experience during your entrepreneurial journey. Learning to master the basics early can set your business up for success and build a solid financial foundation for the future. Developing a plan, becoming financially literate, and learning to make swift financial decisions can help shorten the startup learning curve. Read more

8. The Business of Hollywood: 5 Marketing Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Film Studios

Think about the last blockbuster hit you may have seen or heard about, and consider analyzing the process in which it becomes a success. Like small businesses, film studios utilize effective marketing in order to increase the popularity and demand for their film. Building anticipation through soft-launch campaigns and other Hollywood marketing strategies are not only reserved for film studios. How much can entrepreneurs learn from Hollywood? More than you think. Read more

9. 10 Startup Lessons I Learned Along the Way

Shane Mac, founder of Hello There, started with the same things most entrepreneurs start with—an idea. He acted on it, and pitched his idea to someone that could help him bring his idea to life. However, a startup he believed would only take a month ended up being a year in the making. Read more

10. 3 Important Lessons Stock Trading Can Teach You About Business

Since there aren’t many startups in the stock trading industry, it suffers from a lack of innovation. The growth of the internet and social media gives those in the stock trading industry the potential to revolutionize trading; however, few people have actually tapped into it. Timothy Sykes, founder and CEO  of Profit.ly, has developed several companies aimed at educating traders on how to utilize these new technologies. Read more

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