Instagram Marketing: 10 Entrepreneurs Share How to Promote Your Business Using Instagram

Entrepreneurs to share tips on how to use Instagram to promote your business.

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6. Post Instagram photos at least twice a day.

“Marketing and promotions are the heartbeat of my business; it brings the flow of clients in. It may vary for some businesses and people. Some may find it obnoxious. Any more than 4x per day is just too much. Test out what is the [sic] best amount for you through your engagement.”

– Emeroy Bernardo, Health Coach at Lean And Fit Nutrition: @fambizemeroy

7. Promote customer events on Instagram.

“Document your event or product with a play-by-play description including cool hashtags that keeps a user’s attention long enough to sell them on not missing your next event. Everyone wants to feel like a part of something and not feel like they are missing out on the hottest new thing.”

– June Archer, President of Eleven28 Entertainment: @JuneArcher

8. Increase engagement and cross promote Instagram photos on other social networks.

“With Instagram our customers (Bulugans) get to know us as “The Bulu Crew” and they get to see what [are products are] like behind the scenes. Our followers give us insight into what they are interested in by their posts of recent activities, meals, and even products they are using. Through the cross promoting of our Instagram on Facebook and Twitter, the use of hashtags helps us further interact with our audience and become part of the conversation, plus it makes taking pictures so easy!”

– Paul Jarrett, Co-Founder and CEO of Bulu Box: @BuluBox

9. Promote awareness of your company’s mobile app on Instagram.

“Instagram has been extremely useful in helping me spread [awareness of] my mobile app, SociaLink. Because people are already [on] their mobile devices when using Instagram, I can reach direct customers and get them to download my app. By creating interesting content and correctly utilizing hashtags, I can reach upwards of 50-100 likes per post. This has provided extremely useful in spreading the word about my mobile app.”

– Michael Jacobs, Co-Founder and CEO of SociaLink App: @MrJacobs21

10. Share exclusive behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram.

“People buy from people, and most companies forget how important it is to put a human face to their brand. Take photos of your staff, special events, office space, etc. and post to Instagram, then cross promote these on  your other social channels.”

– Kathleen Booth, Owner and CEO of Quintain Marketing: @Quintain

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