7 Branding Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from The Beastie Boys

Here are seven brand storytelling lessons every small business owner can learn from the Beastie Boys.

5. Emphasize your personality.

The Beastie Boys’ brand has evolved over the years, but the core of their brand’s personality has been humor and fun, with each member contributing their own style and distinct personality to their overall brand personality.

When telling your story, don’t forget to do the same — embrace and inject your personality into everything you do.

6. Deliver your brand promise.

When all is said and done, the Beastie Boys deliver an experience that is fun; one you will not find with any other band, in my opinion.

When they announce the release of a new single or video, their fans download it immediately because they know that they are going to enjoy it. Your brand story must also deliver your unique promise of value to your audience. Consistence is key. People should know what to expect when you communicate with them.

7. Plan your narrative.

All stories have a basic structure: the set-up (beginning), drama/problem (middle), and the resolution (end).

For instance, in the Fight for Your Right (Revisited) music video the Beastie Boys told a story of what happened after the infamous party scene in their first video; creating drama with what would happen when their “younger selves” ran into versions of their future selves.

In the same way, when you tell your brand story, include these same principles. Set up why you are who you are (or why you do what you do), the problems you have faced (challenges that resonate with your audience), and the outcome — (e.g. why customers should select your brand).

Keep the conversation flowing…what story-telling elements do you include in your company’s brand story?

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Photo: The Beastie Boys


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