10 Simple Local Marketing Tactics to Grow Brand Awareness

Are you ready to grow local awareness for your company? If so, here are ten local marketing tips that are simple and easy to implement in your city,...

Often when startups launch, their first goal is to build awareness at a local, regional or national level. While it is great to see your company name in national headlines, don’t underestimate the power of local marketing — growing awareness for your company in your local market.

If you’re unsure where to begin, here are ten local marketing tips that are simple and easy to implement in your city, state or town.

1. Get involved socially.

Get involved in the local community in a hands-on way. We’re so bombarded with information and advertising that it’s difficult to see past it when it’s in paper or email format, but a human interaction is memorable. Go out and meet the community you want to sell to.

– Bridget, Co-Founder of Now Novel: @NowNovel

2. Connect with local business organizations.

I strongly encourage business professionals and entrepreneurs to seek active in involvement in their city’s Chamber of Commerce and other local associations. Do not just simply attend the meetings and events; join committees and take on leadership roles. These organizations provide incredible opportunities to network with fellow business professionals and spread the word regarding your own company’s services.

– Ben Seidel, President of Igniting Business: @IgnitingB

3. Make meaningful news connections.

The quickest way to be noticed or standout to the public is simply to take a stand. By take a stand, I’m saying find a meaningful connection between a timely event and your business, service or product—then pounce on it. Constantly scan the news and see if there is any way you can hook yourself onto a developing story and how doing so will benefit the public. This way, you take interest in something that has already garnered headlines. If you take a stand with the story or issue you can become a first mover, and then you easily become a shaker.

– Shaun Walker, Co-Founder and Creative Director of HERO|farm: @Hero|farm

4. Employ social media.

Take control of your social media presence. Social media is an excellent and affordable way to tap into the exponential networks of the people who are already your loyal customer. At a minimum, create a Facebook, Twitter and Google+ page for your business. Actively manage your content with your customers in mind. What content do they want to see?  Additionally, these social web sites, especially Google+ (for perhaps obvious reasons), will help your company establish a better reputation score with search engines which could lead to higher search engine rankings.

– Laura Rabell, Chief Creativity Officer at Rabell Creative: @RabellCreative

5. Identify key local players.

Identify the key players. Next, identify the key firms and [those] in-charge in [their respective] field. I did this by simply asking the last professional I met: ‘Whom do you think I should meet?’ They will usually give you a few names to start off, and it keeps rolling. Finally, meet with the [key people] at those key firms and stay in touch.

– Amy Zhang, Managing Member at Affinity Fund Services: @affinitycpa


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