10 Ways to Convince Anyone Social Media Marketing is Worthwhile

Here are ten specific reasons why social media is worth your time and investment.

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7. Social media is measurable.

Social media analytics are everywhere and can tell a good part of any social media success story. Since the real bottom line is always going to be sales, social media measurement can help your business partners determine which actions and reactions are leading to increased sales and  rest assured that you’re moving the graph in the right direction along the way.

8. Social media lives for ever (and it’s more cost-effective).

Your company’s videos, tweets, pins, and posts live online and in Google search results for a very long time; so long that they typically require an executive order from the President of The United States to be removed.

This can be both good and bad, depending on what you’ve shared lately. But unlike TV ads and billboards that are taken down once the invoice isn’t paid or print ads that are thrown away or line a birdcage somewhere, social media content stays online, working for you and reducing your overall per-unit ad spend over time.

9. Social media is one click away from the buy button.

If your customer is staring at your billboard, watching your TV ad or leafing through a magazine with your full page ad, they can’t simply “buy now.” They have to go somewhere else to complete the transaction.

If your social media channels are properly set up and executed, consumers should never be  more than one click away from the opportunity to buy – or at least learn more about – the product or service you are selling.

10. Social media involves selling, not just playing around.

Far too many “social media experts” are wasting clients’ time and money playing around with social media. Make it clear to your business partners, investors and team that social media is a way of selling more products and services, not just interacting for the fun of it.

Marketing is comprised of sales and PR, and social media marketing is no different. Social media initiatives and daily interaction should revolve around clear objectives and calls to action to create an environment in which consumers can easily purchase.

Armed with these talking points you can convince anyone of the value of social media. If you need backup, give me a shout.

This article was originally published on iMedia Connection.

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