Startup SEO Tips: How to Improve Google Search Page Rank

Create a cohesive online marketing strategy by incorporating these four factors into your SEO activities.

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4. Crawlability 

“Crawlability” may seem like a foreign concept, but it lets Google gain a good understanding of your website. While search engine spiders are getting better at indexing content, they still need help categorizing information correctly.

Therefore, frequently use keywords that you want to rank for in Google search results in your copy and tags on the site. In other words, think about what your customer base would search online, and incorporate that text throughout your site’s content.

Furthermore, make sure you are using URLs that make friends with the search engine. URLs that are dynamically created, or several folders deep, will be your worst enemies. As I mentioned earlier, don’t forget to update your site regularly so the spiders will come back often to check for updates.

Most importantly, if you’re feeling lost and unappreciated on the web, there are many tools available to monitor whether or not your site is being crawled to its full potential.

As you begin to implement these important elements, enlisting the help of free online tools can be extremely beneficial in learning about SEO. After all, the first step in fixing the problem is admitting you have one and diagnosing exactly what’s wrong.

Don’t try to predict how search engines will work; you’re not a fortune teller. Educate yourself and consider confiding in a company with the proper knowledge to guide you along the way. As with all things SEO, continual testing and refinement are key, and the most successful companies never stop.

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