The Great Equalizer: A Woman’s Tactical Advantage in Entrepreneurship

Over half of all new small business jobs created in the next five years will come from businesses started by women.

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Passion and Direction

Grasshopper.com recently published an article that notes women have a keen ability to turn something they are already knowledgeable and passionate about into a successful business. Some of this may circle back to risk-aversion, but it also shows a “go with what you know” mentality from women entrepreneurs.

Equally important, women, sans ego, are much more likely to ask for direction and mentorship along the way. Many a man has experienced this willingness when lost on a road trip. This openness to accept a lack of expertise at key decision points in the life of their enterprise can be a huge win because of the increased success of a decision surrounded by the voice of experience and reason.

Size Matters

A Forbes article, along with others, also noted that small businesses started by women will typically have fewer, but more tenured, employees than those started by men. While a male-founded business will often grow faster, women use their gifts to develop a business size where they feel that they can have a personal life while helping a few key employees find success and stability.

So, although true empirical data is hard to come by, there are clearly enough markers to suggest that women have a tactical advantage in entrepreneurship. The combination of genetics, life skills, balance, and drive are a force that will help drive America forward.

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