Blog SEO Tips: How to Get your Company Blog Found on a Small Budget

SEO is a great tool to build awareness for your company blog, but it is not a quick fix, flash in the pan. It takes time. Here are...

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5. Grab a SEO plugin.

WordPress SEO by Yoast and Scribe SEO are great tools to help you ensure each page and post is optimized for their respective keywords.

These SEO tools are easy to use and give you control over the title, allowing you to give your posts and pages unique titles. They also allow you create a meta-description – the snippet-length phrase that appears below the big, blue link on search engine results page. While opinions vary on whether meta-descriptions impact your SEO ranking, it can certainly increase your click-through rates when it’s well written and appears to focus on the problem your prospect is looking to solve.

6. Market your company blog on social media platforms.

Just because you’ve written great content, doesn’t mean they will come. You’ve got to go out there and let your prospective customers know about it. All other things being equal, links from other websites and blogs will increase your search engine visibility. Social media can help with this. By sharing your post through social media platforms, and getting others to do the same, you’ll drive more traffic and build awareness of your posts.

For example, Google+ impacts your company blogs’ search results. Google Plus Authorship lets you easily associate posts with your Google+ account, which gives you author status on Google. This increases click-through. On that note, if you don’t already have a Google+ account, create one, and start sharing your posts.

There’s also no question that Facebook powers Bing’s customized search – so you should be sending your company blog content to your Facebook page as well.

7. Convert blog readers to customers.

Whilst it’s great to have traffic to your company blog, you can’t lose sight of the end game – making money in your business. So, find a way to convert your newfound traffic into cash.

Leverage your company blog to grow your business by creating keyword-rich links from posts to sales pages on your website. It can be something as simple as adding links at the end of each post to other ’related” content on your blog.

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