Each and every business, regardless of industry, has the goal of imprinting their brand throughout the public sphere. It’s how a company grows and how the economy is stimulated. In 2013 the way that businesses seek the public has evolved, while still holding on to traditional means of communication.

For modern startups and small businesses to be successful in the branding of their image, it’s vital for leadership to combine old-fashioned techniques and new wave procedures for maximum return. Society is multifaceted and technologically advanced, and because of this, interdisciplinary marketing is needed to gain visibility.

Below is a list of three really simple ways to market your business this year.

1. Social Marketing

If your company hasn’t already, it’s time to jump on the social media bandwagon. The opportunity to get tech savvy is significant and nearly mandatory for modern progression in the marketplace. Your business should be highly visible on all social platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn. It’s important in marketing to stay on pace with both technology and competition, and social platforms represent new age marketing.

Instantaneous outreach can go viral and reach audiences not reached any other way. Using social media for marketing is a blossoming way to market a product or service. Additionally, social platforms usually provide customers with the opportunity to provide direct feedback.

2. Personal Marketing

Everyone is trying to get their brand to the top. Most businesses send electronic newsletters and other mass-distributed collateral. While this technique has worked and continues to be successful, a personal touch will only enhance efforts when it comes to promotion.

For instance, you could identify top customers every three months. When this list is compiled, you could write send them a personal letter (email) of appreciation. This is a great strategy because as happy committed customers will spread the word. Often an under-appreciated form of marketing, loyal supporters of a business can have a meaningful impact on the acquisition of new clients.

Personalized communications can make people feel appreciated. Mass emails and cold calling work to a certain degree, but advocacy and brand champions are created when the strategy is more personal.

3. Internal Marketing

If you’ve hired great employees don’t overlook their contributions as an organic marketing and branding channel for your company. It’s as easy as giving employees a small gift like personalized tote bags printed with your company logo. They’ll appreciate the gesture, use the product, and market your brand with every use.

This is a win-win scenario. You’re utilizing your internal resources, giving thanks where thanks are due, and helping your company grow without spending a lot of money. Tote bags offer an easy, affordable and functional means to market your brand, delivering a high return on investment. You get to instill a sense of brand loyalty in one of your most valuable internal resources, your staff—they’ll do the rest. Every time they use your tote whether at the store or in the office, you’re increasing your ROI, and expanding your company’s reach.

Thanking your employees with personalized tote bags lets you gain organic brand exposure, and gives credit to valuable employees who work towards bettering your bottom line.

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Hayley Scott is a writer and graphic design aficionado that loves Thai food, specifically green curry. When she’s not sketching a new logo design she writes for HALO Branded Solutions, a leader in custom printed bags and promotional items.



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