Improve Free Trial and Freemium Revenue Models with Lifecycle Emails

Four reasons why you should incorporate lifecycle emails into free trial and freemium revenue models.

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3. Lifecycle Emails Can Include a Sale Incentive

For active users, the final step of lifecycle emails is simple: ask a user to pay. In your email, show them your pricing and plans, put a link to the payment page, and include a message encouraging them to click.

4. Lifecycle Emails Can Be Used as Exit Dialogue

For users who continue to be inactive after a trial extension or who have entirely stopped using your product, lifecycle emails can still be useful by gathering information on why they made the exit.

Lead them to an exit survey, or ask them to schedule a quick call with you to discuss what’s missing from your product or service. This is to determine which features are truly solving a real pain point for your target market. Remember that the two segments of customers you should really listen to are those who have already paid and those who never came to use your product.

Lifecycle Email Resources

Here are some resources to help you learn more about lifecycle emails:

Patrick McKenzie of Kalzumeus has produced a great course on lifecycle emails. It’s quite pricey but the quality of content you’ll learn that promises to deliver positive results is worth it.

The Customer.io blog contains blog posts that talk in depth about lifecycle emails and emails in general. One of the posts is an introduction to lifecycle emails featuring Patrick McKenzie himself.

Lastly, don’t forget to copywrite your emails!

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Adler Santos is a Physics grad turned tech entrepreneur. Now in charge of growth and marketing for Collabspot, a sales email platform that’s integrated in CRMs.

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