Make Your #Smallbiz Brand Memorable With 3 Simple Tips

Three ways to ensure your brand is easily identifiable and running the lead on your startup or small business.

Did you know that the vast majority of consumers recognize a brand long before they recognize the company behind it?

It’s true! Most consumers can identify a Nike shoe right away but have no idea what company manufactures the shoes. The same is true for Toshiba, Samsung and even Apple.

In order to achieve ultimate success in your startup, you need to be able to define your brand before your business name. Because this is easier said than done, here are three ways you can make sure your brand is easily identifiable and running the lead on your startup.

1. Give your brand attention.

Use your brand name and logo everywhere you possibly can: business cards, posters, fliers, brochures, in-store displays, and everywhere else you can place it (within good reason). The more frequently your name and logo are seen, the more popular and recognizable your brand will become.

2. Make your brand interesting.

A cool logo and tagline are great… but then what? Thankfully, the Internet provides tons of options to make your brand more interesting. You can go on blog tours, promote specials and offers on Facebook, share links on Twitter, or explore mobile marketing with apps and QR codes.

All of these marketing methods provide interaction with your brand and the consumer. The possibilities are endless!

3. Build an authentic brand.

When it comes to a tagline or even a mission statement, make sure you aren’t just tossing around buzzwords, hoping to identify with your consumer. If you have a story or history behind your brand that is inspiring or just plain cool, share it. Make sure people know there is substance behind your brand.

You can share your story in a number of different ways, like a company blog or mobile app approach. Being transparent and personal with your audience will make them remember your brand.

Has your business figured out how to separate its brand name from its business name? If not, take a look at what you are offering the public. Ask yourself what you can do to make your brand stand out and be more memorable than just a company name.

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Bobby Marhamat, a branding expert, is the founder and CEO of readyBUZZ, a collaborative social media marketing agency. Bobby has always been an entrepreneur at heart. He has helped Fortune 500 companies and small business owners look at different ways to make more money by unifying their brand and creating a niche within their target market.


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