5 Steps to Create an Addictive, Viral Online Video Series

The perfect branded online video series combines elements of entertainment and the same addictive qualities that keep people coming back to watch their favorite TV series.

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3. Go heavy on the entertainment and light on the message.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to be the TV show and the ad all rolled into one.

Viewers should understand that the series is being brought to them by your brand, but don’t hit them over the head with it, or remind them every ten seconds, or they won’t share or come back looking for more.

When possible, make your online video series funny, shocking memorable and unexpected. People get addicted to things that make them feel good and are a bit naughty. Be fearless! Turn heads. Take chances. Get noticed.

Allow your marketing message to be revealed outside of the video across social media, blogs and discussions, easy links to microsites and web pages or companion banner ads and branding around the video player. This is where your sales call to action should live.

The ultimate goal of a branded video series is, of course, to sell more products and services, but to do that you need to get people addicted and sharing first.

4. Make your video series easy to find and share.

How many times has someone wanted to show you a video but they can’t remember the title or didn’t know how to best share it with you at the time?

Make the titles of both the series and each episode memorable and findable. Include prominent sharing functionality and regularly include a call to share across your social media networks and paid placements.

5. Be consistent to build an active fan base.

Launch new episodes on a schedule.

Fans can’t become addicted if they never know when and where they’ll get more. Encourage them to subscribe. Link episodes together and feature them, so that if episode 4 finds its way to a new viewer, they are encouraged to click and watch episodes 3 and 5.

Addicts can never get enough. Develop and produce a branded video series that gives them what they need, and encourages them to tell their friends where to get more, and your brand, products and services will go along for the ride.

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