5 Ways to Save Money on Direct Mail Marketing

Create your next direct mail marketing campaigns for postcards, letter packages, newsletters, brochures and more with these five tips in mind.

Businesses have been using direct mail to reach out to potential customers for over 100 years. Unlike TV or radio, this tried and true advertising platform has not been crippled by the Internet. The power of physical pieces delivered to individuals who are most qualified to buy is hard to deny, but many small businesses worry about the high cost of entry compared to coupon books.

If you plan out your direct mailing campaign, you will find that the costs are manageable and the return on investment is high. When you are ready to create your next direct mail marketing campaigns for postcards, letter packages, newsletters, brochures and more here are five tips that will greatly help in saving money on direct mail costs.


1. Reuse Your Templates.

Don’t start from scratch each time you need a design; instead, make some templates. A template can either be a structured mockup or a more complete piece of artwork with areas for changing out minor bits of information. You can create something where all the necessary contact information and branding is already in the document, and each time you use it for print or online, you can change out the dates and promotions.

It can be a simple layout, without much content. On the other hand, the template can be a complete work of marketing art which only requires minor alterations by a professional designer. Keeping a template or two around can make marketing easier and save you money.


2. Print Many at Once, and Mail Over Time.

Instead of printing small volume run for each mailing, print something that is reusable or plan several mailers at once. You’ll save money by printing higher quantities. Some printers and mail houses will not charge you for storage. This way, instead of paying higher prices per piece for smaller printing jobs, you’ll save by buying print in bulk.


3. Mail More.

Use Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), instead of mailing lists, for broad marketing needs. If you want to reach areas around your location, Every Door Direct Mail can get your message to more people without spending money on physical stamps, lists, or costly labels.

Every Door Direct Mail was started about two years ago by the United States Postal Service as a way for small businesses to get discounts without having to go through the application process or fees for a permit. EDDM mail pieces are brought directly to the local post offices.

Alternatively, if your small business has a standard mail permit, or is using a service, you can get even better discounts by shipping directly to the United States Postal Service. Every Door Direct Mail is an incredible marketing tool for businesses that want to reach areas and aren’t concerned with more specific demographics. Restaurants, car dealerships, retail stores, grocery stores, and lawn care companies use it because they can target by the neighborhood at a lower cost.


4. Refine Your Mailing Lists.

Narrow down your mailing list with more refined characteristics and demographics. The overall list may be smaller, but you won’t be sending mail to those leads less likely to buy. Only the best leads will receive the postcards, and you’ll be saving in no time by attracting the right customers.


5. Don’t Forget Your Existing Customers.

Your previous customers and existing clients are a great source for selling more by selling the same products again or upgrading their services. Believe it or not, a lot of times the reason why customers don’t go back to your small business isn’t because they were unhappy; it’s because they don’t remember you. With direct mail, you can send postcards, brochures, or letters to your existing customers, which helps to establish customer loyalty.


Improve your Marketing ROI

Small business owners need to know how to market and get every penny out of their marketing campaign. In fact, many businesses don’t have an official marketing budget, which makes return on investment that much more important. If you’re a company that relies on local, statewide or even nationwide customers, it’s important to follow the 5 tips above when investing in a direct mail marketing campaign.

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Steven Lacks is the Marketing Manager of Tampa, FL based printing company, SonicPrint.com. Sonic Print has helped many small businesses establish their direct mail campaigns. To learn more about direct mail marketing, EDDM and printing, check out the SonicPrint.com blog.


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