8 Simple Ways to Find More Customers, Online

Take your pick from these eight methods to create your own practical and powerful marketing strategy to get more customers.

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6. Mobile Optimization

We live in an on-the-go mobile world, so it’s time to ensure that your company website is mobile friendly too. The past several years have seen an explosion of mobile (i.e. smartphone and tablet) searches and purchases.

It is estimated that nearly 35% of all web traffic originates from a mobile device. The Next Web reports, “According to a report by Chitika, mobile web traffic has risen as much as 35% since July 2011. The data analytics company found that mobile traffic represented an average of 10.55% of total web traffic during the last week of February 2012, which shows a growth of 34.44% when compared to the earlier report.”

This means it is imperative that you have an accessible, mobile-friendly version of your company website. Not only will you be rewarded with increased website traffic and retention, you will also reap more leads and customers who pay for your products and services.


7. Social Media Marketing

Connecting with prospects and customers through social media is an effective way to cultivate interest and engagement. Choose a social network that best suits your business model. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Pinterest, posting consistent and informative content is sure to boost your brand awareness, feedback, following and … ultimately sales.


8. Public Relations

Public relations can be likened to the steering wheel of your “informational” boat. Your PR efforts must eloquently regulate the ebb and flow of company content that is passed along to your target consumers.

It is imperative to keep your public relations messages positive, current, and professional. The likes, shares and comments of newsworthy PR announcements can also ensure that your company website ranks well with the search engines – another great reason to start attracting more customers using PR.


Finding more customers, online, doesn’t have to be messy, expensive or difficult. Take your pick from these eight methods to create your own practical and powerful marketing strategy to get more customers and avoid the nasty trap of feeling that you have to cold call to find more sales.

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