10 Brands That Do Social Media Really Well

Some brands master social media, while others are slower to get in the game. Here's a look at ten brands that do social media well.

Social media has become one of the most popular trends today. Both teens and adults flock to social platforms to stay social and connected. Fortune 500 companies and small businesses reap the benefits of social media while connecting with millions of engaged and potential customers.

Yet, not all social brands are created equal. While some brands master social media, others are slower to get in the game. Here’s a look at ten brands that do social media really well.


1. McDonalds


The world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants is at the top of the social media ladder and they are definitely loving it. The brand has more than 29 million Facebook friends and 1.5 million Twitter followers. The company posts a lot of pictures of customers enjoying their product and uses words that are sure to make anyone hungry. The golden arches have struck gold in social media. Every entrepreneur can learn a lot about social media marketing from simply reading their posts.


2. Starbucks


With more than 35 million caffeine lovers following the coffee company on Facebook, Starbucks is among one of the most popular brands on social media. The company has over 4.2 million Twitter followers, which continues to grow. One of the secrets to their social success is special offers. Free music downloads, special prices for certain drinks and more keep people coming back to their social media pages.


3. Bergdorf Goodman


This wildly popular high end retailer has only a few locations in New York City, but it has more than 245,000 Facebook fans and 237,000 followers on Twitter. What makes this company a social media leader? The brand actually talks back to customers and fans telling jokes, sharing fashion tips and bragging about its Fifth Avenue main store. Their followers are loyal and if you say anything to them during store hours, one of its social media masters will likely greet you and get you to crack a smile.


4. Disney


It may come as no surprise that Disney is popular on social media. With millions of visitors, weddings and celebrations each year, the company has found a new way to connect with past, present and future Mickey Mouse lovers. The company, famous for its cartoons and theme parks, has definitely won the hearts of its 45 million Facebook fans. Their social media followers love them since they are always sharing a deal, coupon or special offer. The company’s fortune, estimated around $38 million, continues to remain steady and one of the ways Disney keeps the magic alive is through active social media promotions.


5. Ford Motor Company


The American car company is among the most popular in its segment. With more than 1.4 million Facebook followers, the automaker connects with car lovers, employees and those proud to buy American made products. Nostalgic photos of cars, contests and special information keeps social fans coming back for more. The company has more than twice the followers of its competition including General Motors who has less than half a million fans on Facebook. Ford also has accounts connects with fans on Instagram and Twitter.


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