Successful Entrepreneurs Do This One Thing, Really Well

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Follow through is not about how busy you are, it’s about how much you prioritize honoring your word and your commitments to others. When we prioritize honoring our commitments to others, then we set up systems to make it happen.

Here are four simple ways to follow through, even when you’re feeling overwhelmed:

  1. Commit to the minimum. Blog once a week. Check social media three times a week. Don’t push for superhero status! Just commit to a minimum and do that minimum.
  2. Communicate. When the sh*t hits the fan, tell people what’s going on. If you have to stop certain business activities for awhile because you’re overcoming a personal illness or death in the family, tell people what’s up. Don’t just sit silent for months.
  3. Walk through open doors. If you admire someone’s work, and they are opening any kind of door whatsoever for you to participate in a call for interviews, guest posts, participation in an e-book, whatever — jump on it! Don’t waste time with the hemming and hawing. If you say to yourself, “Maybe they don’t want little old me?” that is a complete waste of an opportunity. If they didn’t want you, they would only put the call for collaboration out to the people they did want.
  4. Keep transparent deadlines. If for some reason you cannot hit a specific goal on time, or at all, check in regularly. I recently agreed to participate in a collaborative project that I very much believe in, and a few things came down the pipeline that would prevent me from making the deadline. I emailed the people running the show and apologized for my lack of integrity around getting information to them, assured them that they were still on my radar, and gave updates with specific timeframes for when I would be completing things. Sometimes, that’s the best thing you can do.

So now ask yourself, “Where do you resist being consistent and fail to follow through?” Consider the opportunities you have been hesitant about, lately. Is it possible that breaking into A-lister networks has more to do with your reluctance to take part in something they’re doing, than it is them crowding you out? Choose to powerfully take action–now!



Photo: Kate Swoboda
Photo: Kate Swoboda

Kate Swoboda is the courageous and outspoken head boss lady of Courageous Living LLC, a company that works one-on-one with clients and life coaches to create lives and businesses that hold courage as a core value. Learn more about her at YourCourageousLife.com or CoachingBlueprint.com, or say hello on Twitter.

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