6 Powerful Steps to Overcome Life and Business Insecurities

Although dealing with insecurities in business appears difficult, you can better cope and overcome them using these six tips.

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  1. Engage in activities designed to reduce stress.

    Think positively and banish negative thoughts from your internal dialogue. Take part in an exercise program to help manage stress, such as yoga or mediation. Find a hobby that you excel in to relieve stress and build confidence. Whatever activity you choose should be something that requires a special quality in you: endurance, tenacity, or attention to detail. You will begin to appreciate that quality in yourself more and more as it allows you to succeed in your hobby.

  2. Reward yourself.

    Dealing with insecurities will become easier if you reward yourself for a job well done. For every goal you reach, create a planned reward. Earn that piece of cake, new shoes or international trip. Focusing on the anticipated award helps to take focus off of the problem ahead. Rewards can also be implemented on a long-term scale.

    If you have critical goals in mind, develop a special reward for its accomplishment. If it is something that you genuinely care about, you might be willing to step a long way out of your comfort zone to get it. Remember, your ultimate reward will be a more peaceful and stress free life.

  3. Keep a progress journal.

    The final strategy that can help you deal with insecurity is record keeping. Buy a high quality journal before you embark on this journey. Make sure it is one that you will enjoy writing in and keeping with you. In this journal, write a list of the goals you want to accomplish. You should also include a list of the things that you find positive about yourself. Write down any compliments you receive and all professional or personal successes.

    Every few weeks, go back and read what you have written in your journal thus far. You will now be able to clearly see the progress that you are making! At the very least, you are getting in touch with yourself and will be able to work out internal issues. Someday you will be able to look back over your journal and track the steps of your success. If your insecurities resurface, you may be able to easily confront them simply by reading about what you have already gone through.


Yo Noguchi is an experienced freelancer, guest writer currently residing in Los Angeles. He is a frequent contributor to a blog hosted by Benchmark email marketing services. In his spare time, he enjoys exploring the world and skateboarding.

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