4 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics Using Custom Promotional Products

Guerrilla marketing is a promising alternative to conventional marketing methods, especially if you seek originality and creativity, coupled with low costs.

Just when you think you’ve learned all there is to know about marketing, here comes another promotional technique that promises maximum efficiency while being easy on the pocket: Guerilla marketing. While Guerrilla marketing is not a new concept, it hasn’t lost its appeal is it’s “birth” in 1984.


Guerrilla Marketing

Popularized by author Jay Conrad Levinson, guerrilla marketing refers to a marketing approach that relies on highly innovative and out-of-the-box methods that are not only effective, but require little or zero spending when possible.

The adaptation of the term guerrilla was brought about by the perceived low-cost, non-conformity of this particular type of marketing strategy. Guerrilla marketing’s premise suggests that deviating from tradition and playing on the right side of the brain (i.e. side of the brain best at expressive and creative tasks), ingenious ideas can be achieved—despite limited or no funding.

Money is a common challenge among small business advertisers; even if they develop a creative ad, it still isn’t easy to convince decision makers to finance it. But I digress.

Ultimately, guerrilla marketing is a promising alternative to conventional marketing methods, especially if you seek originality and creativity, coupled with low costs.


Guerrilla Marketing Promotional Ideas

Many popular guerrilla campaigns usually involve life-sized paraphernalia presented to the public. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use smaller items to execute an effective guerrilla marketing campaign.

Here are four quick guerrilla marketing tactics that can be implemented by personalizing smaller, yet equally influential, items.


  1. Suit up with branded shirts.

    T-shirts are classic merchandise that can be given away during promotional events. If you want to see your target audience proudly wearing your brand, print a batch of t-shirts with your brand and an image of how your product or service can be used. For instance, your company sells coloring materials (such as felt pens) leave a spot on the t-shirt where the wearer can doodle. Then invite them to photograph their craft and reward the most creative attendee.

  2. Brand their next cup of joe.

    With the proliferation of coffee shops and cafes in major cities, it’s safe to assume that a lot of people depend on a caffeine fix to get through the day. So, how can you introduce your product or service to this perennial trend? Start by redesigning coffee mugs and tumblers to make drinkware more functional beyond containing coffee. For example, make the outer surface amenable with chalk so coffee shop owners can write a note on it before serving the beverage. Also there’s an opportunity to offer branded mugs that change color when either hot or cold liquid is poured in it.

  3. Wear your brand like a medal.

    If you want customers to feel like champions at your next event, do it through creative lanyards. Design the lanyards with a cord color resembling that of an actual medal and design the badge to hold an ID a variation of gold, silver, and bronze. Event attendees who wear your branded lanyards will automatically feel like winners.

  4. Offer tech appeal.

    Say that your company sells computer hardware and you want to grow awareness of your brand with potential customers. Why not offer free customized mouse pads along with the product purchases. That way, customers are constantly reminded of your brand when they surf the Internet.

It takes a sheer amount of creativity and wit to develop a simple and effective guerrilla marketing campaign. But if you deliver on design and execution, you can make a lasting impression on your target market.


Gabby Roxas is a business writer and content manager for Customonit.com. She also has a background in entrepreneurship, marketing, design and loves to create things related to interior designing.


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