5 Effective Ways to Promote Your Hotel, Restaurant or Bar

In any business, the key to surviving is a steady stream of revenue. To get that steady stream of revenue, customers have to know about your business.

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Use Promotional Materials to Build Brand Recognition

One of the most obvious but effective methods of building brand recognition is through promotional materials. Put your name or company logo on everything from coffee mugs to promotional pens.

You can sell these items in your establishment for a fraction of what regular items cost (or maybe even better, give them away). These items will get your name out into the community and help advertise your establishment.

There are promotional items for every budget. Even if your promotional budget is just a few dollars per item, getting your name and contact info into the hands of clients in any form is invaluable for strengthening your brand recognition across the board. Using a product that they’ll keep for a long time will give you more bang for your marketing buck.


Collaborate with Like-Minded Partners

You’d be wise to collaborate with similar businesses in the area. By doing so, you’re building both brands up simultaneously. For instance, if you’re trying to promote a hotel, reach out to a popular business to see if they’d like to build a restaurant in your hotel. Offer a cross-promotional deal to patrons that spend certain amount at the restaurant (i.e. receive 15 percent off nightly room rates).

A great way to find out who you should collaborate with is through LinkedIn. With LinkedIn, you can connect to people from your past and see they’re currently career path. You can then reach out to form a partnership. You can also contact other companies in the area just to get an idea of those that may want to collaborate in the future.

When it comes to advertising your hotel, restaurant, or bar, it’s more than just creating branded materials and dropping them around. You’ll have to do some grassroots marketing, collaboration and self-promotion on social media as well. So, get out there and promote your business, people are looking for something to do this weekend!


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