How Leading Brands Maintain Their Online Presence

These brands deliver a powerful online presence using microsites and social media platforms.

In the past few years, leading brands have launched innovated and fresh ideas to maintain their online presence and promote their business. Today, the global media landscape can be categorized into the real-world (offline) media and the digital (online). Real world brands must have a strong and unique digital presence in order to maintain relevance and consumer acceptance.

A successful online marketing campaign engages a brand’s target audience and promotes their product or service while highlighting core values.

Here’s an inside look at three successful online brand campaigns:


Journey by Coca Cola

Source: Coca-colacompany.com
Source: Coca-colacompany.com

The world’s largest soft drink maker, Coca Cola, revamped their web presence from ‘just a website’ to a digital magazine including brand relevant content channels, infographics and more. The Coca Cola website contains creative infographics showcasing valuable consumer opinions and customers drinking Coca Cola across the world.

The Journey reveals the brand’s history dating back to how the first coke was invented in 1886 while sharing the brand’s successes through the previous century.  From relaying how Coca Cola has helped veterans to find jobs to launching programs to to promote a healthier lifestyle, the brand seeks to create a reputable online presence.


The Real Walmart

Learn About The Real Walmart
Source: The Real Walmart

Walmart exemplifies how a brand can maintain and build its image through The Real Walmart campaign. The microsite aims to demonstrate how American consumers can rely on Walmart to save money and time shopping their products while showcasing a diverse workforce, highlighting their company culture and sharing behind-the-scenes facts.

Although the company’s advertising taglines aren’t as witty as Kmart’s “Ship my Pants”, like Coca Cola, Walmart aims to connect with customers by placing an emphasis on service and how The Real Walmart works hard to serve real people, just like you and me.


Find Yours by Expedia

Source: Findyours.com
Source: Findyours.com

Internet-based travel website company Expedia believes that every journey has a story worth sharing. To build their online presence the company aims to empower users, and their brand, through story telling. Instead of focusing solely on tickets, reservations, rentals and more they ask customers to share unique, personal and transformational stories through social media.

These three online campaigns reveal key insights on how to engage, captivate and utilize social media platforms to successfully deliver a powerful online presence.


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