8 Must-Have Mobile Apps For Small Business Owners

Here's a quick look at eight of the best mobile apps on the market for small business owners (in random order):

Not all mobile apps are created equal.  That’s why every small business owner should think carefully about the ones they use while traveling from one destination to the next.  The best mobile apps allow you to stay in touch with your team, handle tasks that are typically done from your office, and make arrangements with clients and potential clients in a matter of seconds.

Some of the best mobile apps around will make life simpler for business men and women by being readily accessible, easy-to-use, and reliable. What more could you ask for from a mobile application?


Must-Have Mobile Apps For Business Owners

Here’s a quick look at eight of the best mobile apps on the market for small business owners (in random order):


  1. Skype

    Hands down one of the easiest apps to use, Skype allows business owners to make and receive calls from anyone in the world, easily. Setting up a free account enables users to reach out to others via video conference call and a paid account allows users to make phone calls to telephone numbers directly. If you’re concerned about roaming charges, it’s well worth the fee to pay for this option or use Google Hangouts, a free mobile app, instead.

  2. Asana

    Asana is one of the small business community’s most beloved web and mobile applications designed to improve the way teams communicate and collaborate. If you’re on the go, managing team tasks, projects and deadlines, Asana empowers teamwork without back and forth emails. The application offers a shared task list for your team – the best way to communicate, organize, and track your work.

  3. Dropbox

    Team members can share documents with you and others safely and easily using Dropbox. By setting up a free Dropbox account, you can select who can add and access content on your account. This is a very effective way to keep your email inbox clutter-free.  You needn’t worry about lost communication if you direct everyone to the same folder on Dropbox.

  4. Uber

    When you need to meet a new client, or arrange for car service, in style put your company’s best foot forward with Uber. Uber, a mobile application that connects passengers with drivers of luxury vehicles for hire, is available in select cities. Their elite limo experience and on-demand service fits an efficient and modern lifestyle for the forward-thinking business owner.

  5. Paypal

    Send and receive payment with ease using Paypal. You can take care of employees, contractors, and vendors on-the-go by receiving their invoices and making payments directly from your Paypal account. keep in mind that the service isn’t entirely free, there are merchant fees involved with certain transactions.

  6. Square

    Accept credit cards as payment wherever you go with the handy Square card reader and app.  The app offers two payment options: a) you can pay a flat $275 a month for unlimited transactions or pay per transaction depending on the number of credit cards you process each month. The later option will cost you 2.75% per swipe.

  7. Expensify

    Keep track of expenditures all in one place. The Expensify app allows you to itemize costs, create reports, and upload receipts for proper documentation. The account is free and one you’ll definitely want on hand if you do any driving, dining out or accommodation rentals while on the road.

  8. Hootsuite

    Schedule social media status updates and tweets in advance. Streamline the social networking process by selecting the date and time you want to send messages and refrain from going days at time without distributing fresh social content while you’re away on a business trip.

Mobile applications were designed to make life easier.

If you find that you’re on-the-go often, you’ll love having access to these eight time-saving apps.  Not only will you be able to communicate with employees, keep tabs on expenses, and even send out payroll, you’ll keep your sanity knowing that your productivity remains in tact. In fact, one swipe of the finger is all it takes to keep in the loop from your mobile device.


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