How to Manage your Business for Results, With an Iron Fist

Here are five ways to create a business that is built like a tank and grows like a vine.

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  1. Understand that hiring is just the beginning.

    Most small business owners think hiring employees and giving them a job description is more than enough for them to hit the ground running. Unfortunately, it’s not. You can be a better manager and a more effective leader only when you can give clear instructions, master the art of delegation, work with your staff to achieve results, and bring out the best in them.

    However, it’s the “bringing out the best in them” part that’s tricky for managers all over the world since people are different. Tactics and strategies that work for one employee might not work for the other. Management is a highly paid profession for that reason alone – you are tasked with finding the buttons in people that you can push to produce positive results.

    How well you delegate, get things done, and earn trust from your employees is the key to success, according to Financial Times writer Jonathan Moules. After hiring and delegating job roles, you’ll have to also manage people for results. This includes effective onboarding, training, and working together as a team.

  2. Discover what you need to control, and delegate the rest.

    Depending on your business model, there might be a few departments, functions, or aspects of work that you cannot delegate to others. This could include, intellectual property development, research, clients relationships, product design, launch plans, and more.

    Strive to maintain control over critical business functions and give up control (i.e. although, not completely) on lesser important business functions such as payroll, accounting, hiring, training, and daily business operations. Chron Small Business writer Lisa McQuerrey suggests developing a tracking system for all work, while planning regular reviews and feedback sessions.

  3. Remain transparent with communication.

    Communication is the fortress of your business. Being able to communicate well, and effectively, works for the benefit of the entire organization. Work to bring in transparency across all business communication and for all staff and contractors. Train employees to communicate clearly, promptly, and without restrictions.

    Internal and external business communications should be out there in the open for anyone to check, audit, and to reference. Some of the best businesses in the world operate on all of these cylinders. Forbes’ Best Companies to Work For don’t have weak policies – these are businesses that mastered the fine art of control while giving employees freedom to succeed. These companies have mastered the art of getting things done, but with guidelines in place.


How do you run your small business? What systems or processes have you put in place to keep your company secure and profitable? What has worked for you when it comes to getting things done, but still not giving away control over your business?


Brian Zeng, based in Shanghai, China, is a business writer for CCTVHotDeals a leading e-commerce company in the wireless cctv cameras industry. Zeng has many years of experience partnering with clients to build their business through development and implementation of track-proven Internet marketing strategies. Follow him on Google.

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