How to Create a Strong Mobile Presence for Your Small Business

If you own a business, it is essential to establish a strong mobile presence.

Today’s world has been highly digitized. We live in an era where a swipe and a tap can perform complex tasks. Although the transformation is comparatively a recent one, it has already started dominating the marketplace.

If you own a business, it is essential to establish a strong mobile presence. Running a business without a mobile presence will soon become impossible. A decade ago when the Dot-com bubble started, businesses were quick enough to embrace the technology to establish a web presence. Today, it is a similar situation, to which businesses must quickly react.


Business On the Go

There are two ways to go with mobile. Both mobile websites and mobile apps are good options for businesses. Consumers expect to accomplish all of their tasks on the go — and smartphones and tablets have made it possible.

Whether you own a retail store or a production unit, mobility can greatly increase sales and production. For businesses that wish to test the waters, starting with a mobile website is a good option. A mobile website is optimized for viewing on mobile devices. It can perform all of the tasks accomplished by a regular website. However, the content on a mobile website may be much less since presenting all of the details on small screens is not viable. Mobile sites can also be designed with a gallery, shopping cart and payment gateway. Features like click-to-call can also make it easy for consumers to shop on the go.


Why Mobile Apps?

It is true that mobile websites are cost-effective and they can boost business immensely. If you are wondering why one would go for mobile apps when a cheaper alternative is available, the following information will enlighten you on the various benefits of mobile apps.

Mobile apps are actually applications that can be downloaded and installed in mobile devices. The purpose of using mobile apps in businesses differs according to the individual needs of a business.

For instance, a business involved in sales can use the mobile application in promoting sales, brand building, and client retention. On the other hand a business that focuses on production can utilize a mobile app to increase production and decrease processes involved in production.


  • Common Goal of Business Mobile Apps

Business mobile apps can simplify business processes and increase profits. In a sales-oriented mobile apps, messaging tools, such as push notifications, in-app messages and SMS can be utilized to promote products and services.

Updating customers with information on the latest arrivals or discounted offers can escalate sales dramatically. An app developed to increase productivity can reduce the labor involved and quicken the production process — thus increasing the income generated from the business.


  • How to Get a Mobile App for Your Business

A glance at app stores will reveal much about various off-the-shelf mobile applications available in the market. Most of the apps in app stores are designed to meet the requirements of standard business processes.

Any specific feature or functionality can be included via customization provided by the app developer. Another way to acquire a mobile app entirely designed for your unique business processes is to use custom mobile app development. In this case, an app developer will create one from the scratch. While the former is cheaper, the latter can be a costly affair.


If you are planning to develop and deploy a mobile app for your business, initial planning is important. If you aren’t tech-savvy, hiring the services of a mobile app consultant can be of good use. A consultant would take care of the essential steps, from creating a road map to the final testing and deployment of the app. There are also app developing firms that can help you conceptualize, design, develop, and deploy mobile apps for your business, if you wish to avoid the expenses involved in hiring an app consultant.

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