Battle of the Tech Titans: Who Copied Who?

It is difficult to say who is imitating whom or which company is not really evolving on its own or relying on inspiration from others to grow.

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3. Microsoft Responds to Apple Assault

It didn’t take much time for Microsoft to react at Apple’s bashings. Just a few days later, Frank Shaw (VP, Communications at Microsoft) took a few jabs at Apple on their official blog. Frank defended Microsoft Surface by saying that unlike the Apple iPad, Surface is a work machine. He also went on to label Apple’s productivity software iWork (MS Office counterpart) as ‘watered down’.

Photo: iWork vs. Office
Photo: iWork vs. Office

4. Samsung Bashes Microsoft on Windows 8

Soon after the release of Microsoft Windows 8, Samsung executives bashed Microsoft by literally terming its latest OS a failed product. Samsung senior executive Dong-soo claimed that Microsoft’s Windows 8 was ‘no better than previous Vista platform’ and also related Ultrabooks’ poor attach rate with Microsoft’s ‘less competitive Windows platform.’ Even though there are mixed reviews about Windows 8, but isn’t Samsung’s blame on Microsoft a little farfetched?

Photo: Microsoft Windows 8
Photo: Microsoft Windows 8

5. Microsoft Chases Google with Eyeware

Just recently, it was reported by The Wall Street Journal that Microsoft is also in pursuit of prototyping an eye wear device similar to Google Glass. Even though Microsoft had been working on a similar project last year for its Xbox, one may think that it might be too little too late as Google already rolled out its smart wearable device early this year.

Photo: Tedeytan; Flickr
Photo: Tedeytan; Source: Flickr

6. Microsoft Compete rivals with Nokia Acquisition

One of the biggest attempts made by Microsoft to rival its competitors has been the acquisition of Finnish mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia. Seeking inspiration from Apple, Samsung and Google’s aggressive intent in the smartphone industry, Microsoft agreed on a deal to purchase Nokia’s phone business for $US7.2 billion.

To top it up, Nokia recently launched its first ever tablet, Lumia 2025, at the Nokia World 2013 to compete with the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. The company also revealed a giant 6-inch Windows phones (i.e. Lumia 1520 and 1320) and featured Microsoft’s latest productivity suite ‘MS Office 365’ on the devices. Does the timing of Nokia’s product releases and its acquisition news imply that Microsoft is trying to chase its rivals in all fields?

Photo: Nokia Lumina 2025


Who is Chasing Who?

There was a time when innovation used to be the most inspirational word used in tech; it is now one of the most overused. In a complex world, it is difficult to say who is imitating whom or which company is not really evolving on its own or relying on inspiration from others to grow. But one thing is clear, with all tech giants aggressively pursuing for growth, the magic that defined innovation has obviously faded.

Your thoughts on this blame game? I have created an online survey using SurveyCrest.com, participate and let me know who do you think is relying most on inspiration from others to grow? Take the survey now!


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